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Striving to answer the call to motherhood and wifeyhood with joy, Jesus, and crazy dancing.

About Me

I’m just livin’ this messy, amazing, frustrating, awesome blessing of family and life. I’m trying to ROCK-OUT motherhood to twin boys and wifey-ness to a great hubby.  I savor my shower during nap time, sip my coffee until 3pm, try to squeeze in some yoga or a run if I have energy left, and am most comfortable in my “work clothes” (yoga pants and a Nike tee).


We take life TOO seriously as adults, so every day I fight to emulate my children’s sense of joy and wonder whenever I can! It really is a fight, because “adultness” tries to win every day.

I named the blog Giggle Giggle Toot Roar to remind me who I am, both mama and woman.

The Giggle Giggle Toot part represents a parenting phenomenon that is a MUST EXPERIENCE for every parent…when your child laughs and then toots and then laughs again because they tooted…and then tries to repeat it all again, because it is making you laugh.

The Roar part represents something I say often, “I am woman, hear me roar!

I write about being a mom and wife, our adoption journey, and whatever other random thoughts camp out in my mind.

I write to laugh at myself and to hopefully force a smile in your very busy day.  I don’t expect to teach you anything.  I don’t claim that my way is the right or only way.  You won’t find lectures or judgment here, so don’t lecture or judge me back (pretty please). I’d be honored if you’d follow my blog and join me in “Operation, let’s take life less seriously!” and “Operation, let’s build each other up as moms and women!“.



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