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10 Things To Expect from ZUMBA® Instructor Training


Last weekend was a whirlwind of fun packed with a bachelorette party and wedding shower for a friend, my nephews’ 3rd birthday party (twinsies), and a full day of training to become a ZUMBA® instructor!

I’ve been working out ZUMBA® style for about eight years and I’ve had becoming a ZUMBA® instructor on my bucket list for almost as long. It is such an amazing workout and it makes me happy (and laugh at myself).

When you do something you absolutely love for eight straight hours in one day AND check a major thing off of your bucket list, it is just so uplifting; you almost want to cry! Seriously, I was filled with joyful tears while dancing last Saturday many times and had to bite them back, so people didn’t think I was a weirdo!

If you haven’t tried ZUMBA® or you haven’t heard of it, it a “Latin-inspired, dance-fitness class that incorporates Latin and international music and dance movements, creating a dynamic, exciting, exhilarating, and effective fitness program.” (From ZUMBA® instructor’s manual.)

Put simply, it is an amazing dance-exercise party guaranteed to make you smile and sweat!

ZUMBA Training

If you’ve been considering becoming a ZUMBA® instructor and you’re apprehensive, because you aren’t sure what to expect, allow me to share some highlights from my training. Do it! Check it off your bucket list!

10 Things to Expect from ZUMBA® Training (Basic 1):

1.) You will meet other people that love ZUMBA® as much as you do! One of the things I love about ZUMBA® is that anyone can do it, regardless of your fitness level or dance experience. I was nervous for the training, because I thought I might be the sole dance-duckling in a sea of beautiful Latin ballerina-swans. Even in a small class, there was an eclectic group of ZUMBA® enthusiasts with a wide range of ages, dance experience, personality types, fitness levels, and plans of what to do after the training. It was great to meet and network with other future instructors and make new friends. Make sure to exchange emails and phone numbers, so you can keep in touch after the training.

2.) You will get inspired and crush your fears! One of my favorite parts of the entire training was the hour master ZUMBA® session we started the day with. What better way to start a ZUMBA® training than with an AMAZING ZUMBA® class taught by an amazing trainer! We worked up quite the sweat! About four songs in, our instructor motioned to another gal and me to join her up in the front. I almost peed my pants and shook my head no; I was not ready for that, I didn’t even know the song! BUT we got up there and for the first time, ZUMBA®ed a totally different way, as an instructor. It was the most non-threatening way to be eased into this and a moment I’ll never forget. Fear had been crushed!

3.) You will learn the history and “formula” to ZUMBA®. You’ll love ZUMBA® even more once you learn who and how it was birthed and grown into an international sensation. Also, once you learn the basic “formula” of how to place steps and songs, building your own playlists and classes feels less daunting!

4.) You will learn steps and practice them. I’ve been doing ZUMBA® for years, but I feel much more confident having been taught the basic steps and all of the variations. I was doing many of the steps correctly, but I definitely had a few adjustments to make to my moves! We also had fun practicing the steps in small groups and making up our own choreography!

5.) You will learn cueing. This was the toughest part to get used to, because I’m used to being a student and following cues, but I’ve never had to cue myself. ZUMBA® instructors are encouraged not to talk during their classes, so giving non-verbal cues to let the class know what moves are coming, how many repetitions, and in what direction we’re moving next is vital.

6.) You will practice the instructor role. When you are driving and following your GPS, you don’t always pay attention to exactly what roads you are turning on to and how many miles you’ve gone, you just follow whatever Sally the GPS lady tells you (or whatever you’ve named your GPS, you know you have!). That’s how it can be as a ZUMBA® participant. You might think you know every move of a song, but really you might be totally lost if the instructor wasn’t cueing you. Practicing the instructor role versus the participant role was eye-opening and a real confidence builder.

7.) You will learn the benefits of ZIN™. Once you complete the ZUMBA® training, you are considered a ZUMBA® instructor for a year or forever as long as you become an active ZIN™ member (there’s a monthly fee). ZIN™ membership provides you with an online account that gives you access to the latest music, choreography, clothing discounts, a personal website, and so much more. ZUMBA® instructing without ZIN™ would be like a steak dinner without the steak!

8.) You will learn about the different kinds of music used in ZUMBA®. ZUMBA® music is Latin and internationally inspired. You’ll learn how to build your playlist, so it flows well during your class and contains a diverse selection of songs. Salsa has always been my favorite, but an hour of only Salsa music isn’t a ZUMBA® class, it is a Salsa class!

9.) You will learn about logistics. I just want to dance, workout and help others feel the ZUMBA® party! Before this training, I didn’t think much about some of the logistics that are key to ensuring your ZUMBA®party is safe and a success. In training, you will discuss things like participant waivers, insurance, CPR and group exercise certification.

10.) You will come to understand every instructor has a different style. What if people come to my class and leave half way through? What if people with a ton of dance experience come (and are better than me)? I really want to teach like so-and-so. It is so important to BE YOURSELF as a ZUMBA® instructor. One of the many beauties of ZUMBA® is that every instructor has their own style. You will have people love your style and others that don’t. You have to learn to be at peace with that. You can’t please everyone. I know I will build a group of people that love “Natasha’s class” and others won’t and that’s okay! Be confident that “your” people will be there!

If you’ve had it on your mind and heart to become a ZUMBA® instructor, do it! Push your fears aside and dive in, because it really does have the potential to change your life!

Oh, and you might want to bring several changes of clothing with you to the training, just saying!

Good luck! ZUMBA®!!!





19 thoughts on “10 Things To Expect from ZUMBA® Instructor Training

  1. HI Natasha, i love ZUMBA, i do it it every week and it reminds me of my teen years back in Argentina! Where did you do the Zumba training and how long does it take? it you could send me the some info i would very much appreciate it!

    Thanks for sharing, I am glad you are enjoying life… Say hi to your parents and your handsome husband!


  2. Congratulations on becoming an official licensed ZUMBA instructor…..I am so excited for you and know you will be absolutely great at sharing all those Latin moves! So proud of you Natasha!


  3. #10!!!!!!!! I finished my yoga teacher training last December. Like you, I struggled to keep my tears at bay. I had been practicing yoga for about 10 years and had had training on my bucket list and just loved the whole process. While I do love teaching, #10 is always in my head. I should just embrace my uniqueness. But I’m such a perfectionist that I’m a bit sensitive to the idea I don’t know enough 😛 Happy Zumbaing. After this post, I’ll have to try it!


  4. Great article. Interesting information and fun to read. 🙂


  5. This sounds like so much fun! I absolutely love Zumba! Maybe one day I’ll have to take the plunge!


  6. SO cool! How awesome that you checked it off your bucket list! I bet you will be a fantastic instructor! I have Zumba at my gym and it is SO popular people line up like an hour before and on the weekends they use the entire basketball court area to teach the class… its like 4 basketball courts in one HUGE gym! Its crazy!


    • Whoa, that is incredible! I’d love to take a class that huge (or teach one!). We usually have 40 people or so at one of ours and you can just feel the awesome energy! Thanks for the support sista!


  7. Natasha!!!! This is AMAZING! I’ve actually never taken ZUMBA, which is crazy because I love to dance! But I’m so happy and excited for you that you’re getting certified! I did the same thing for group fitness this year and it was the best decision I made! After years of wanting to become certified I finally did! You will love teaching! Keep me posted!


    • Thanks Sue! I’m thinking about a group fitness cert too! You’ll have to fill me in on that. If you love dancing, then you’ll LOVE ZUMBA! You gotta try it!


  8. Zumba is a great exercise program. I am sure that you will be an awesome Zumba instructor!


  9. I am so glad you took the plunge! Zumba is one of my favorite work outs… Not sure I would ever be coordinated enough to teach it though. I have had a few different instructors and reading this really explains how they teach. I love the non verbal way of instructing!!


    • Yeah, glad to know you’re a ZUMBA lover too! The non-verbal cueing is awesome, because it doesn’t interrupt the “flow” of the music and class, but boy it takes a while to get used to actually doing the cueing! 🙂


  10. Loved this Natasha! Your writing style is a winner! your style of teaching Zumba will also be!
    I’m also a blogger AND Zumba Instructor!! Happy to find this post through kelly! She was my toning instructor. AMAZING!! You’ve recappec workshops so well! Good luck!