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Chronicle of a Serial Kisser


Does anyone else have a super affectionate toddler?

One of my little guys asks me about ten times a day for a “bik-ug,” aka big hug. Every single time he asks me, even if I’m wrist deep in raw chicken prep for dinner, I stop what I’m doing, get down to his level and give him his big hug (okay I wash my hands first if I have to). And then he goes off on his merry way until the next time.

I made a promise to myself when the hug phenomenon began several months ago that I would always immediately stop what I was doing and give him a hug when he asked, because let’s face it, he probably won’t be asking me ten times a day for a hug for very long.

I pray for my children that they will be able to show affection and be able to express their feelings, so hopefully he’ll be able to carry at least some of this sweet affection of his into his future.

Chronicle of a Serial Kisser

One day, grandpa took the boys to the park, so I could have a little precious “me time.” Later, he filled me in on the day and said they had a blast together, but mentioned that my little guy had to hug every mom at the park before he left. Yes, little man can be quite the charmer. I can just imagine my dad (grandpa) with shocked and nervous laughter trying to collect the little one and quietly put the hugging to a rest. I had a good laugh at the story and bookmarked in the back of my mind that I need to somehow teach him not to hug strangers.

Well, fast forward to today, we were in a cute local store and I was ogling their tea selection when a little old man that worked there came over and started chatting with the boys.

Well, it didn’t take long for my hugger to run arms opened wide toward the little old man and be swept up into his arms. He proceeded to give the man a huge hug, I’m talking the arms around his neck and head on his shoulder kind of hug.

I’m usually pretty cautious about stranger danger; I especially hate when strangers touch the boys’ hair (they have very cute curly/afro hair). I’m 75% certain that I might pat the head of the next person that pats their heads, just to show them how weird it is to pat a stranger’s head, even a toddler’s.

But, anyway, I digress, the below situation felt “controlled,” so I wasn’t too crazy about it…

I was about to collect my affectionate bear cub when he suddenly tried to give the old man a kiss. Now, the little old man was clearly from a different generation, one where he likely never even kissed his father or son, so imagine his great surprise!

The man finally figured out why the little dude was squirming so much, it was because he was trying to kiss him on the lips, of course the cheek wouldn’t do! AHHHHHH!

I grabbed the bear cub out of the man’s arms, threw the man a smile and said, “Honey, we do not kiss strangers. We only kiss mommy and daddy and brother and Grammie and Grandpa.”

Then I secretly laughed all the way to the cashier.

I know we need to teach our kids about stranger danger and all of that and I certainly don’t want my toddler kissing and hugging strangers….but I wish you could have all been a fly on the wall in that room to see the little comedy show I witnessed today.

Sweet little old man squirms in horror as he realizes overly affectionate toddler boy is attempting to kiss him…on the lips. The serial kisser strikes again.

Let’s maybe not go kissing strangers, but let’s learn to show affection to our loved ones as freely and openly as our kids do.

Does anyone else have an overly affectionate toddler?

How did you teach him who to kiss and who not to kiss!?



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26 thoughts on “Chronicle of a Serial Kisser

  1. This is so adorable! & yes, you really do need to pat someone on the head. I want to hear about it.


  2. Awwww how sweet is he, my nephew spends more time running away than hugging anyone apart from his parents lol


  3. Adorable! I have affectionate ones too, and I hope they don’t outgrow it … at least not with Mama!


  4. Adorable, but it would warrant some caution around here, too. Of course, seeing as 6 of my kids are male it is doubtful that the older boys would tolerate a kisser anymore. Enjoy your hugs because they grow up too fast


  5. So so cute!!! What a little sweet pea. My boys are serial huggers and kissers, but mostly just with me so it’s cool haha. I love that he’s so free with his kisses, although probably do need to be selective with who gets those haha. Love it!


  6. Oh, that is so cute! What a sweetie! My kids will kiss us occasionally, but so far, they steer clear of anyone but my husband and me. I guess we’ll have to cross that kissing bridge when we get to it. Please share your solution when you find it! 🙂


  7. Aww….dis cute but also you have to be so more vigilant 🙂 My daughter loves to give kisses and its a 3D effect. First of all she calls it a ‘chiki’ and if I ask for one, she starts with the sound effect which goess like a long ‘mmmmm…’ followed by a small kiss on my cheek, ending with a tiny ‘aahhhh’. Feels like heaven to me though.


  8. My sweet girl is super affectionate.. way more than my son was.. but only with us. Your boy sounds like such a sweetie and I am sure he made that man’s day!


  9. So cute! Glad you documented it!


  10. Aww! Such a sweet little guy! I came from a ‘kiss on the lips’ family so I’m sure I’ll do the same with my kiddos, but I don’t know how I’d handle a stranger touching my little ones. I do hope you pat the next person on the head. Haha!


  11. My kids aren’t super affectionate to stranger; they are a bit shy out in public. But at home they’ll hug people family members, and they hug their toddler friends. They’re super affectionate with me and Dad!


  12. You handled the kissing incident with the little old man perfectly!
    I hope one day you really do pat someone on the head. Please write about it if you do, so we can all enjoy.
    You are very wise to take full advantage of your toddler’s affection while it lasts. When my used-to-be-affectionate daughter turned 14, she started turning her face half the time when I go to kiss her cheek goodnight!


  13. AAdorable. Reminds me of how my daughter was. 🙂