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As Beautiful Today as the Day I was Born


It’s fun to build a group of gym buddies. You see these people, “gym buddies,” at the gym most mornings of the week. They notice when you’re absent from a class and when you return they ask if everything is okay. You chat casually about life and family with usually little commitment beyond the gym walls. It’s fun!

Recently, I learned that one of my new gym buddies used to be an actress. She spent years in Los Angeles and Las Vegas doing her acting thing for mostly print ads and commercials; she even had some small roles on a popular crime show and soap opera. So cool!

The other day, she brought in a collection of a few of her ads and head shots (at several people’s request). It wasn’t long before a little group of people stood ooo-ing and ahh-ing over her little scrap-book. Everyone was blown away by how beautiful she was “back then.”

You are as beautiful todayIt was fun looking through her photos and reminiscing with her, but something rocked me in the pit of my stomach. I wondered if my gym buddy new how beautiful she was right now.

I said something to her in passing like, “You know you are just as beautiful today as you were in those photos.” She brushed me off saying, “No, I look much older now.” My words felt hollow, but I really did mean them.

Now as gym buddies go, you generally find out the basics of each other’s life, but the connection wouldn’t likely be deep enough for me to stomp my feet, shake her, and scream, “You are gorgeous! Right now!” And she really is, even from the little I know about her. I know she’s a mom. I know she has an awesome sense of humor and a great personality that easily makes “gym buddies.” Really, that’s enough for me to know she’s a beautiful person and that her little girls think she is the most beautiful woman in the world (Anna and Elsa being super close seconds of course).

Do you know someone that needs reminding of how beautiful they are?

Is it you?

Our bodies’ age! We get laugh lines, and stretch marks, and a few extra pounds, and a “distinguished” hair color, and maybe uglier hands (Is that just me? What is up with these dry, gorgeously wrinkled hands?!).

As Martina McBride says in her song, This One’s For the Girls:

“Every last laugh line on your face, made you who you are today.”

For all of us, on the days we feel less beautiful than we did “way back when,” I offer this simple prayer…


Please help me remember that I am Your precious child, made in Your image.
Help me remember that to You, I am as beautiful today as the day I was born.

Please help me be patient and gentle with myself, Lord.
Help me remember that the only label I wear that matters is that I am Your beloved.


Please pass this on to someone that needs a reminder!




21 thoughts on “As Beautiful Today as the Day I was Born

  1. Oh, Natasha, this was so good. I have been thinking on this so much lately and am in the middle of creating a challenge for this very thing. How I felt about myself and how I would hear other people view themselves just all got to be too much. It’s a mission now. I want us to all feel beautiful. Good for you reminding her that she is just as beautiful today. It’s hard when we feel it going on deaf ears and know they didn’t receive it. It hurts when someone feels this way about themselves. Great post.


    • First of all, I’m so flattered that you stopped by Topaz, because I just love your blog! Secondly, I think a challenge on this would be amazing! Let me know when it’s done and I’ll be the first to support it! We all try so hard, we need to give ourselves a break! Thank you!


  2. So true! Reading this on a day that I feel good about myself, I definitely will be saving and sharing this for those days that I don’t.
    We put so much pressure on ourselves as women and often forget the truths that you share here.


  3. Do you know you come across a post, and for some reason it evokes a deep emotion and makes you cry? That’s what yours did for me today. It’s just a beautiful reminder, and that are so many kind people out there…


  4. I love absolutely everything about this post, and that you quote Martina McBride. I love that song. I think we all need reminders sometimes that we are beautiful, inside and out. Some days I feel worn out and like a disheveled mess. I don’t have time to shower, put makeup on or dress nice, and it just makes me feel blah. So maybe you want to be my gym buddy and remind me that even though I may actually be disheveled, that I’m still beautiful haha 😉


    • Sure, just pack me up in your gym bag Sue, anytime! Thanks for your kind comments. I love that McBride song too; we’ll have to remember to play it and holler out the words on the days we feel less that beautiful!

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  5. I love this post! It’s so true. I think we all need to be reminded that we are still just as beautiful every now and then.


  6. I love this post. It’s so true! I think we all need to be reminded that we are still just as beautiful every now and then.


  7. This is a beautiful post, Natasha. It reminds me of a touching video I saw where women thought themselves unattractive, and then they found out that strangers described them as more beautiful. It’s sad your gym buddy thinks she is no longer beautiful simply because she is older.


  8. You are so thoughtful. Your friends are lucky to have a friend who sees true beauty.


  9. Love love this Natasha!! What a beautiful message and important reminder of truth! The hands thing made me laugh! I’m sure your hands are gorgeous, and even if not, think of all the beautiful things you do with them… ❤ I’m sharing this to Twitter!


  10. Thank you, Natasha. Such an important truth! As one who has struggled feeling beautiful at any age, but especially as I turned 37 this year and faced more dry patchy scaly skin, I really appreciate and need this today! Blessings!


  11. Truly beautiful! I love this as I too am noticing the aging process. Thank you.