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January Cleanse


I’ve decided to start the new year with a social media/blogging/gaming cleanse. For the month of January, I’m stepping away from social media, my blog, and other time traps (yes, that means you Candy Crush).

My babies are turning three this summer and I need to give them more of my undistracted attention.

January CleanseI need more time to read, learn, and be creative.

I need more time to digest everything that happened in 2014 and to make plans for a fulfilling 2015!

Thank you to everyone who has been following my blog. Thank you for your patience during my little break.

I’m hoping to return in February, refreshed and focused.

Wishing you a blessed beginning to your 2015.




4 thoughts on “January Cleanse

  1. Good luck! I have been contemplating the same thing! See (Read) you when you return! 🙂


  2. Blessings to you and I look forward to you coming back. It’s important to take breaks and refresh. Filling up in the Lord. You encourage me to do the same. I’m not sure when I’m taking a break – but it will be soon. Take care and enjoy your little ones.


  3. Enjoy your time with your babies!! 🙂 A break from all the non-essentials is always lovely.


  4. Happy New Year, Natasha! Enjoy a beautiful January of freedom from media!