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Book Worm Wednesday: 52 Simple Ways to Talk with Your Kids about Faith by Jim Campbell


52 Simple Ways to talk with your kids about faithThis is a great little book that is organized in a way that invites you to read it from cover to cover or to skip around by chapter based on your interest or where you want to strike up a conversation with your child. Each chapter is about three quick pages and is broken into helpful sections such as, “Natural Teachable Moments,” “Starting the Conversation,” and “To Help You Connect/Pray/Listen.” The author provides useful tips on how to talk with your child about different faith topics and backs them up with suggested Bible readings and prayers. Campbell does a great job of reminding parents to really listen to our children without judging or correcting them.

Below are some of my favorite quotes from the book. I’ll be keeping these close as my little ones grow up. Not only will these reflections help us drum up meaningful conversation, but they will also help me, as momma, reflect on the kind of parent and example I want to be to my little ones.


1.) As parents, you are “Serving as Your Child’s Image of God” (from Chapter 1)

2.) “Blessing Your Child” (from Chapter 2) We can bless our child wherever and whenever we feel it is needed; we don’t have to wait for Sunday for a blessing!

3.) “How can you nurture your child as the sacred person he is in God’s eyes?” (from Chapter 4)

4.) “If your child made a list today of what your family’s priorities are, where would God rank?” (from Chapter 6)

5.) Let you child know, “that prayer happens whenever she becomes aware of God’s presence and shares her own presence with God. God is everywhere, so she can pray everywhere. Prayer can involve words, but it does not have to. Prayer can also be silent listening, meditative reflection that uses the imagination, or simply the feeling of being embraced by God’s presence.” (from Chapter 17)

6.) Chapter 24 is an important reminder to take back Sundays (keep them about God and family). It is entitled “Beginning the Week With a ‘Family Sunday’.”

7.) Chapter 26 is about “Praying for Someone’s Needs.” Great reminder when teaching children about prayer, “Explain that in our prayers we don’t just pray for those in need, we pray about them. When praying for people, it’s possible to form an aloof separateness between those persons and yourself, but in order to pray about people, you must acknowledge your inherent connection with them and their meaning to you personally. We remember that, like us, those in need are children of God and deserve dignity, love, and respect.”

8.) I love this reminder from Chapter 42 about what it means to be holy, “A holy person is not always perfect; a holy person responds to God’s call to love him and serve others. Holiness means saying yes to God’s constant invitation to a deeper relationship with God in prayer, in church and the sacraments, and in our daily lives and relationships with others.”

9.) Practicing the Beatitudes as parents: “We are poor in spirit when we recognize that we are dependent on God for help. We mourn when we are saddened at the way people suffer in the world. We act with meekness when we are slow to anger and gentle with our children in difficult times. We practice mercy when we truly forgive them. We are pure of heart when we share with our children our commitment to promote justice in the world. We have many opportunities to be peacemakers in the way we love and restore harmony in our families and in our protection of the dignity of each person.” (from Chapter 43)

10.) Powerful reminders from chapter 50 for us to remember as we speak to our children: “Does criticism of our children come more easily than praise? Do we find ourselves quicker to critique a child’s accomplishments than to build his self-esteem?”

Blessings on your parenting journey!

Thanks for reading.




5 thoughts on “Book Worm Wednesday: 52 Simple Ways to Talk with Your Kids about Faith by Jim Campbell

  1. What great points to really let sink in!! Thanks for sharing this!


  2. This book sure looks helpful. I sometimes wonder how I would talk to my daughter about all this and will I be successful. I am glad to keep a list of handy tips and this one is going on this list. Thanks.


  3. #9 is great! I will have to check this book out. 🙂


  4. This has some awesome reminders, not only for our kids but for us as parents as well. Many of these are similar to what we are learning in my women’s bible study. I especially love 6 and 8. Often that is my prayer…just being aware of God’s presence and acknowledging him when I feel him. Thanks for sharing this stuff.


  5. This sounds like such a great book to teach our kids about a very important thing in their lives.