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“My People”: Who’s Around Your Campfire?


We took the twins (2 year old boys) camping last weekend; this was their third time. We went swimming in the pool, splashed in the lake, bonded with Grammie and Grandpa, and ate mysterious and magnificent foods that they don’t usually get the pleasure of eating.

Despite the occasional glass shattering, nails on the chalkboard, I think my eardrums are bleeding SCREAMING; the boys are becoming quite the little camping pros.  There was that one morning they woke up at 6:20am (an hour and half before quiet hours were over); my husband and I brought them over to our pop-out bed and were excited for a family cuddle session.  HA!

The cuddling lasted barely a minute and we then started a desperate and grueling 15 minutes of trying to keep them quiet…”Look here’s a ball. Want some Cherrios? Can you find something red? Pet the puppy.  Share with your brother.  Let’s change your diaper.  Want to wear this shirt?  Should we make some toast?  Excited to see Grammie and Grandpa?  Here’s your car.  Want a banana?”

All of that got us maybe 15 minutes.  So, daddy took them for a walk around the sleeping and very quiet campground.  I ran to the bathroom and started the coffee.  A few minutes later, as clear as if he were right next to my ear, but knowing he was rows and rows away from our campsite, I hear that award-winning SCREECH.  Wow, GOOD MORNING CAMPERS!  I know dear one, it is so difficult to take turns walking the puppy.  Ah, two year olds.

All in all though, we had a blast on our camp-tastic weekend!

campfireI love the hustle and bustle of the campground and walking around people watching.  However, my absolute FAVORITE time is when the campground is sleeping.  This happens twice in a day.  One, when you run to the restroom very late at night and two, in the very early morning before everyone is awake.

If you walk around the campground during those peaceful times, you’ll find campsites still fully assembled, but quietly abandoned.  Campers leave everything out in the open when they go to bed…bikes neatly lined up next to the camper, a small fortune of grilling and cooking utensils on the picnic table, and chairs circled around the campfire pit.

There were dozens of campsites, each one with a set of unique chairs huddled around the silent fire pit.  The visual really hit me and I couldn’t help but think of how the chairs around the campfire represent “my people.” 

Everyone’s set of “people” is unique.  “Your people” are the ones you want gathered around your campfire.

  • They are the people who have your back as you sneak through the woods in search of kindling and that perfect marshmallow roasting stick.
  • They are the people you’d want to share a blanket with when the night gets chilly.  
  • They are the people you’d want to laugh with under the stars.  
  • They are the people you’d want to enjoy silent moments with as you all stare into the orangey blue flames.  
  • They are the people you’d pick for your s’mores assembly line team.
  • They are the people you’d want to spend hours reminiscing with as the fire crackles between each memory.

“My people” are precious.  “Your people” are precious.

Yet, how often do we find ourselves being
a little nicer to people that do not know us
than to those who know us best?


We do not need to cross oceans or even streets to find people to care for.  We each have people, “our people” that need us.  “My people” include my hubby, my boys, my parents, siblings and their families, my two grandmas and one grandma who we have adopted, and close friends.  “Your people” may be similar or different.  You may have more people or fewer.

Who are your people? 


  • It is admirable to make donations to charitable organizations, but don’t forget the pregnant friend that could use a delivered meal.
  • Please do offer smiles and hold doors for perfect strangers, but don’t forget gentleness and thoughtfulness in your words when speaking to your spouse.
  • By all means, volunteer your time and attend those committee meetings, but don’t forget to drop all the nonsense to hug or tickle-fest your little one.
  • Pour yourself into your work if you must, but don’t forget to visit those grandmas and plan those family get-togethers.

The people you’d want huddled around your campfire; those are your people!


Please join me in taking better care of “OUR people” FIRST.




23 thoughts on ““My People”: Who’s Around Your Campfire?

  1. What a cute blog name! I loved this post. My people include my mom and my siblings, my niece, my fiance, and my soulfriend. I am so thankful for all of them. And I especially love real campfires with those people!


    • Thanks for stopping by Traci and sharing your people! Hopefully the weather stays nice long enough for us to squeeze in a few more campfires with them!!


  2. Aw, I love this and it’s true. It’s easy to forget to put focus on your people sometimes. Thanks for the gentle reminder xoxo


  3. What a lovely post, Natasha! I was struck today by how cruelly I overheard a mother speak to her little boy. He had spilled her ice water while he was trying hard to be a sweetie and fill it up for her. My heart broke for the little guy. I wish the whole world would take your words to heart to be kind to those closest to them, especially little ones.


  4. Such a good message Natasha! It can be so easy to take “my people” for granted. Thanks for the reminder. Glad you had such a great trip–even if you had some early risers. 🙂


  5. This is great! I think I could be more attentive and gentler with “my people.” Thanks for the reminder!!


  6. I love going camping and having mysterious and magnificent foods.


  7. YES!!! I have been thinking about this a lot lately. It’s so terribly important that we show love and charity to those we are close to and not just strangers. Beautiful post!!


  8. Great post! Love all my people so much..they are the light! It wouldn’t be a camp without the fire…know what I’m saying!? 😃


  9. I love this! My “village” is exactly who I want around MY campfire! This was beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


  10. Wow I really, really love this post. Such a great reminder to take good care of the people we care about the most in our lives. Thank you for sharing this. 🙂

    Also you are one brave lady camping with a pair of two year olds. I know that screech well. Really though I’m excited to take my own little screecher camping!


  11. Great post! I totally agree!