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The Adoption Call: One Call and I Was a Mommy


phone mommyI wanted to share the special story of receiving our adoption call for a few reasons, 1.) I just love to tell the story!, 2.) to share a wish that it brings hope to forever families waiting for their little ones, and 3.) to send a prayer to couples struggling with infertility and a gentle reminder that adoption is a beautiful option.

So, here is the story…
The story of how one call made us parents in an instant!

It was a normal day.  I was doing some last minute shopping, picking up candy and door prizes for my sister’s baby shower that my mother and I were hosting the following day.  My baby sister was pregnant, extremely pregnant…with twin boys.

I almost didn’t pick up the phone as I was in a hurry, but I saw the area code was from Alabama, the state of our adoption agency.  Generally, you don’t receive a call from your adoption agency unless something is up.  So, my heart was fluttering hard when I picked up the call.

It was Susan from our agency.  She asked what I was up to and I told her I was shopping.  Then she said she was calling about the list of “things to bring when you get the call,” I had asked for.  I was kind of annoyed!  I thought, “seriously, that’s why you are calling me, I asked for that weeks ago?!”

She asked if I had a few minutes to talk and I told her maybe tomorrow.  Then she said the words that I had waited for, the words that changed my life, and the words that instantly made me a mother.

She said, “Well, I better catch you now then….I have your baby boys and they are waiting for you to pick them up.”

Me: “What? What! WHAT?!”

Susan: “I have your boys, they are twins and healthy little miracles.”

Me: Sobs, cries, uncontrollable joyful tearful babble that she couldn’t understand.

Then I sat down on the bottom shelf in the middle of the candy aisle in Shopko. I grabbed a pen and scrap of paper from my purse and frantically wrote down everything Susan was telling me about my sons.  MY SONS!

I was in happy shock, shaking, crying, smiling!  Sweet ladies kept driving by me with their shopping carts, slowing to give the crazy person (me) a sympathetic, slightly worried smile.

Susan and I wrapped up our conversation and I asked her, “What do I do now?!”  She said, “Well, you’re going to want to call your husband!”

I left that store like Santa spreading Christmas cheer through a village, “I’m a mom!  I just got the call from adoption agency!”

My husband!  My husband was on his way out of town for a weekend of camping to celebrate a buddy’s bachelor party (he was the best man).  He was driving when I called him.  Here’s how I remember the conversation:

Me: Can you pull over?

Him: No, I’m on the highway.

Me: Okay, I’ll have to tell you then.  You’re a dadblabladaddyblah (insert uncontrollable sobs).

Him: What?  What’s wrong?

Me: You’re a dablahsobsobsobdaddy

Him: What?  What?  Okay, I’m pulled over.  What’s wrong?

Me: You’re a father….

Him: No way, no way!

Me: ….to twin boys!

Him: NO WAY! No way, no way!

And just like that we were parents.  I made plans to attend the baby shower the next day and he spent a sleepless night camping.  I was up packing and dipping marshmallows on sticks in chocolate and sprinkles for the shower until midnight.  That night I dreamt of finally holding my sons in my arms and exactly two days later….it happened.

My sister had her healthy twin boys about a month later.

Two sisters.  Two mothers.

Two sets of twin boys.  4 cousins born a month a part.

One mother lovingly carried them inside of her for 9 months.

One mother lovingly carried them in her heart for 5 years.

4 boys so loved.  2 mothers so blessed.

And that my friends, is “God stuff!”




25 thoughts on “The Adoption Call: One Call and I Was a Mommy

  1. So beautiful-totally bawled! As an adoptive Momma, and something I blog and podcast often, I LOVE seeing other adoptive Momma share their stories, too. People are still so in the dark about what adoption is or what it isn’t that the more we share our stories and struggles with it all, the better world we will make for our amazing kids. Thank you, Natasha 🙂


  2. I cried! What a beautiful story! My heart still hurts from feeling all the love. Finding out you’re going to be a parent is one of the most amazing moments in all of life. Congratulations and thank you for sharing this story! Twins rock…as you know, and they are gorgeous! ❤


  3. Oh, that just completely made me tear up! I’m SO happy for you! Congratulations!


  4. How lovely this is! I’m so glad you told the story….it’s a great story to hear and I’m so happy for all of you! I’m sitting here smiling ear to ear and just can’t stop going back through the story and relishing every little tidbit!


  5. Oh my GOSH!!! This is too beautiful!!! ❤ So sharing this on FB!!!

    I LOOOOVE stories like this!!! What a blessing for all of you!!! I almost wanted to cry along with you! Beautiful!!! ❤


  6. Hi, how are you doing?
    I found your blog really interesting and have nominated you for, “NEW AWARD OVER AND OVER AGAIN!”
    Please accept this here 🙂


  7. What a lovely story! I know your parents were thrilled to welcome 4 little boys into their lives too…grandchildren are great!


  8. Aww, I love that you shared this story- got me choked up! 🙂 It’s amazing how life works out isn’t it? All in God’s time.


  9. Beautiful. And inspiring 💛


  10. What a lovely story! Thanks for sharing. I got all teary-eyed over it. You also brought back memories of my own incredulous discovery of my first child’s existence and all the wonderful feelings that came with it.


  11. Amazing and miraculous! I just love the stories that God writes!


  12. Oh Natasha, your story sent shivers through my body and tears to my eyes! What a beautiful day!! My dear Aunt has just now adopted her second daughter and so I have a little understanding of the long, heart wrenching process. The day you hold your sweet child in your arms, though, it is all worth it!