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Why Does it Take a Tragedy for Us to Remember What’s Important?


life is precious photoMost of us have experienced some sadness or tragedy in our lives or in the lives of people we know.  We find out a grandma has cancer or a friend of a friend has miscarried or a son has died too young.  It doesn’t matter if it is something that has happened within my family or within a friend’s family twice removed, I feel absolutely rocked in those moments.

Bad news saddens us.  Our hearts break for those closest to the bad news.  We spout of reminders to ourselves and others, “life is so short,” “life is precious,” “life is fleeting.”  Then we emerge from those moments resolved to treasure our loved ones and lives a little more dearly.

And we generally do, for the next hour or the next day or if we’re lucky for the next month.  And then we forget and jolt back into the routine of our lives.

Why does it take a tragedy for us to remember to treasure what’s truly important?

We try!  We really do.  But, Life. Is. Busy.  We are running to appointments, carting kids to practice, repainting our bathroom, making the next sale, grocery shopping, working out, meal planning, or whatever it might be….and that is usually all before our second cup of coffee!

The other day, I was helping my little son walk up the stairs into our house and it was taking FOREVER (I know, give me a break, right?).  I was literally tapping my foot and I rolled my eyes, all as I was holding his precious hand waiting for him to MOVE!  That was yet another: hold up crazy mama moment!  Slow down mama.  Be thankful you have this little treasure and savor these beautiful toddler fleeting moments.

When tragedy strikes, do you ever think of your own mortality?  At the end of this life, what will matter?  What will people say in my eulogy?  Will the CEO of the company you are breaking your back for right now cry for you?  Maybe, but you’ll probably be lucky to get flowers before they clean out your desk and rehire your position.  Will all of the stuff filling up your house and garage join together and pray around your casket?  Doubt it, bet they’ll instead enjoy a trip together to Good Will.

I don’t mean to be morbid here, but honestly, what’s it going to take to get us to wake-up and start really living this life before its too late?

Please join me:

Let’s not wait for tragedy to treasure this life.
Let’s slow down and savor it.
Let’s take care of “our people.”
Let’s say yes only to what truly matters.
AND let’s remember to put the above on repeat every day so we don’t forget.

Prayers to those in pain.

With Love,



24 thoughts on “Why Does it Take a Tragedy for Us to Remember What’s Important?

  1. I love this post and it may be “morbid” like you said, but it’s so true. Sadly I have friends and family members who have passed away at very young ages. Now when I’m getting frustrated that my daughter is taking forever while nursing or just wants to snuggle, I try to remind myself the laundry and dishes can wait because she is undoubtedly more important, and that I need to cherish these moments instead of rushing through them.


    • I totally agree Sue. Soon they won’t want to snuggle, so we better get our fill now (because I don’t think the laundry and dishes will want to snuggle later either!). 🙂


  2. “And we generally do, for the next hour or the next day or if we’re lucky for the next month. And then we forget and jolt back into the routine of our lives.” … It’s so true. Even I’m guilty of this, and then in the same thought, worrying about the tragedy that could strike and what I would do, how hard I need to cherish each moment.


  3. I try to remember to stay mindful and be mindful for my kids, but sometimes it’s difficult to pause and treasure the moment. Thanks for the great reminder!


  4. What a beautiful, thoughtful, me notionally rich post! It’s true we are rocked when we remeber how fragile life and health can be; it’s true life can get busy. But this is a wonderful reminder to cherish it all even if life for those closest to us is going well ❤

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  5. SO true! I am having a super stressful time right now, but this reminded me to take a deep breath! 🙂


  6. Thanks for sharing. I got that lesson when my brother-in-law was diagnosed with a terminal illness. It’s important to remember what’s important.


  7. So true! We don’t want to have any regrets. We must live life to the fullest while we can.


  8. So true, life gets in the way sometimes and we, especially as mothers, have a hard time seeing the bigger picture!


  9. You’re so right. I find it’s remembering this message that makes little slights easier to get over and lessens the grumpy mama mood. I’m blogging in the dark down the end of the house because I was grumpy with the kids (bedtime dramas which woke baby). Sigh. Better get my butt back to their room for kisses and hugs goodnight. Thanks Natasha!


    • Haha. I love that you are sneak blogging in the dark! Thanks hun!


      • I totally stomped out of the lounge with an “I’m outta here” glare shot my darling hubby’s way for good measure just in case the stomping wasn’t enough to give him an idea of the depth of my grumpiness at the situation.

        Yep, all class and maturity! I had to wander back in tail between my legs because I got cold. And to say a proper goodnight to the kids…


      • I’ve totally been there girl! I usually try to catch myself right away and apologize that I jumped on the crazy train for a minute…and my tail is way between my legs! I’m an excellent stomper. 😉


  10. Beautiful post and very much needed. XO


  11. Such a needed and heartfelt post! Whenever I find myself rushing through life I try to reflect on the beauty of the moment. To not take it for granted. Thanks for sharing this!!

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