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Mommy Tantrum


Every once in a while I throw a decent tempter tantrum.  Maybe I’m modeling the terrible twos my sweet boys are going through right now, maybe it’s PMS, or maybe I’m just a tired momma.

mommy tantrum frog

Tonight when I was unloading the dishwasher all of the glasses had weird hard water junk left inside and it was enough to send me over the edge. “What’s the point of the dishwasher if I now have to hand wash all of these dishes?!”  Expletives removed for your safety.

My loving (and much calmer) husband gave me a hug and kiss and said, “Why are we letting this defeat us?”  Then he left the room to answer an incoming call, thankfully sparing me the embarrassment of “publicly” feeling like a crazy person.

Do you ever let the silliest things set you off?  And then do you let those things totally destroy your mood or even your whole day?

Sometimes I feel like a mommy Jekyll and Hyde, one minute in awe of how beautiful the world is and of how thankful I am.  Then the very next minute, someone is “angry honking” their horn at me for no reason, which sends me deep into potty-mouth land and naughty-finger world.

The reality is we are pretty darn awesome woman and moms.  We spend 99% of the time being great and doing great things.  Then 1% (ish) of the time we sail on the crazy cruise.

The challenge is to not allow that 1% to defeat us or drown us into feelings of inadequacy.  Darkness seems to strike when we are on a high, so we need to be ever vigilant to not allow it to sink our ship!  Mommy tantrums are as inevitable as child tantrums.  Intercepting tantrums and/or properly dealing with the aftermath is the key.

The next time I feel a mommy tantrum coming on or more likely, after I’ve thrown my next mommy tantrum, I’ll try to remember:

“Why am I letting this defeat me?”


20 thoughts on “Mommy Tantrum

  1. “which sends me deep into potty-mouth land and naughty-finger world” – LOL, I love the way you word things! 😉
    Also, I get aboard the “crazy cruise” at least once a month (can you tell my crazy is hormone induced?) 😛 You’re not alone on the ship.


  2. Oh so good! I’ve found myself having a few mommy tantrums and needing a time out, but I try to give myself grace and move on. Things like,up and we’re human! Sometimes, the cape doesn’t work! But that’s ok! ☺ great post!!

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  3. Yep… I have thrown a tantrum or two lately 😉 Only my husband is not that calm and rational when I do, lol! Great post!


  4. Amen! My pregnancy hormones make my “mommy tantrums” even worse… ahhh!!! Thank you for this post! I’m not alone, and that makes me feel OH so better!


  5. I do this stuff all the time! Sometimes I have have to lose my *hit. I always feel better afterwards1 😉


  6. I have been feeling those “mommy tantrums” coming on more and more lately as my toddler has begun to throw his own. I like that phrase “Why am I letting this defeat me?” Now, if only it worked on toddlers too!


  7. This made me laugh, because I can relate on many levels. I get all frustrated when I see crumbs on the floor. It’s dumb, because they’re going to keep showing up um…. forever. But, they really can send me into a tizzy.


  8. Amen! This post helps me to remember to be easier on myself. I beat myself up for that 1% that I mess up and rarely give myself credit for the good. 🙂 Thanks again!


  9. Love this post 🙂 I had my own little “mommy tantrum” on the morning of the 4th of July. I wanted my little guy to wear a certain red shirt under his new overalls from grandma, for a red, white and blue outfit, but could I find the shirt anywhere? No. I looked high and low, upstairs and down, all to no avail. I was running all over the house like a crazy person trying to find this shirt, getting more and more agitated because I couldn’t find it. I really let it ruin my morning and I could tell that I brought down my husband’s mood too. Next time I find myself acting ridiculous over something so unimportant I’ll try to remember to ask myself your question- why am I letting this defeat me? 🙂